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In 1951, the graduate engineer and junior scientist Dr. Ing. Rudolph Zinsser developed, during his time at the Technical University of Munich, being involved in some friends’ chemistry research projects, the most efficient laboratory stirrer available. The ′RZR1 Rudolph Zinsser Rührer′. From 1952 on, the ′Hans Heidolph Metallwarenfabrik′, a company founded by his father-in-law in 1938, produced the stirrer in series. Since that time, supporting users in research projects is part of the DNA of Heidolph. ′Research made easy′ is the corporate philosophy introduced by Rudolph Zinsser – carried on by his daughter Deborah Zinsser.

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The Heidolph Stories.

Times are changing and so are the standards. Since the company was founded, Heidolph has therefore had an essential focus: listening.

In close cooperation with our users we continuously develop and optimize our devices according to the requirements of today’s research.

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"More time for the essentials."

Dr. Vladimir Malakhov

Why is chemistry a study for life?

What does research have in common with a darkroom?

Dr. Malakhov tells.


Group of Prof. Dr. Paul Knochel,
Department of Chemistry,
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

"We all must follow the laws of nature."

M. Sc. Moritz Balkenhohl

Moritz Balkenhohl talks about his fascination with chemistry, his curiosity about what research made easy actually means to him and why there is an aspect that is not so simple after all.


Group of Prof. Dr. Paul Knochel,
Department of Chemistry,
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Makes it easy: the new Hei-VAP series.

Discover the latest products, developed with our users.

There are rotary evaporators. And there is the Hei-VAP series. That’s why we do make the decisive difference at Heidolph. Developed in cooperation with users especially for their needs, the Hei-VAP devices are convincing down to the last detail.

Various combinations with glassware and a wide range of accessories hold the right configuration for every application. Perfectly matched peripheral equipment complements the rotary evaporators to form integral systems - everything from a single source. Everything for your research.


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